Who can play laser tag and Balladium?

Laser tag and Balladium is a fun and exciting activity for people of all ages. 


Is laser tag safe?

Laser tag is an indoor physical activity.  While play is supervised by our Marshall, and we make every effort to ensure strict adherence of our house rules (see below), we cannot assume any responsibility for any injuries that may occur.  You are personally responsible for knowing your physical limits and health risks and deciding whether or not playing a moderately physical activity will be detrimental to your condition.  Anyone not adhering to our house rules will be asked to leave the facility.

Do you offer games exclusively for younger players?


Yes.  We appreciate that it is challenging for younger players to compete against the older kids or adults.  If you book a party with a minimum of 10 children, your Lazer Tag can be made exclusive for your younger guests.  Just let us know in advance so we can schedule accordingly.  We also permit parents (without a vest) to assist younger players if they wish during these exclusive games only. 


What kind of footwear and clothing should I were to play?

For safety of our players our arena is fully carpeted and no footwear is allowed at our Laser tag arena. The game of lazer tag is a physical game so we recommend comfortable clothing. Players may prefer to wear black so it is easier to hide within the arena and avoid being a target. 


How many people can play laser tag at a time?

Our laser tag arena is approximately 3,000 feet and can accommodate up to 20 players at a time.


How many people can play Balladium at a time?

Our Balladium has 8 air guns to play. And since the aim of the game is to score the most score so we there will be one extra person at each team to load gun as fast as possible to gain the most score.


How long is each game of Balladium?

Each game of Balladium is 12 minutes. Total play time is 10 minutes and there is a short instructional video that plays before each game.


How long is each laser tag game?

Each laser tag game experience takes about 25 minutes.  Total play time is 15 minutes.  At the end of the game scores are posted on the screen outside of arena and also you can see your scores at the back of your gun.


Does my party get a reserved play time? Yes.  All parties are given reserved times. Each party has 1 hours and 45 minutes dedicated time in private room

Can I reserve play time outside of a party?

Yes!  All games are on a first-come, first-serve basis with the exception of our parties that have reserved times.  Call us to check for availability and reserve your play time before you arrive. 

Will my party play lazer tag and balladium alone?

Your game of Balladium will be private to your party only but the lazer tag is open to the public.  If there is extra room, additional players will be added to the group.  Exceptions will be given to parties with a minimum of 15 players with younger players requesting an exclusive game. We will never add different age groups in the same game.


As host, can I arrive early for my party?

Yes.  We suggest that you arrive about 5-10 minutes before the start of your party to set up.  Call ahead if you need extra time and we will do our best to accommodate you if we can.


Is 1 hr 45 min enough time for party?

Yes, it’s plenty of time.  Check out our suggested schedule below.  If you would like to schedule extra time in your party room just give us a call ahead of time and for a minimal fee we can schedule more time. 


Can I bring food? Yes.  If you prefer to bring in your own food and/or snacks for your party you can do so.  All our packages (Except package A) offer pizza and drinks and you are welcome to bring other snacks and food.  We do not permit outside pizza for parties, snacks and drinks can be purchased at our concession stand.  Please note that we are NOT a nut-free facility.


Can I purchase food and snacks? Yes.  lazer tag Cambridge has a snack bar offering treats, drinks.


Can I store ice cream or ice cream cakes?

We have a fridge and freezer available for your cakes on site.

Do you have invitations? Yes, we have 3 different invitations available online for printing



What is not permitted? no alcohol, pinatas, silly string or confetti and gums.


What if I have a question not addressed here?

Call us!  We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Lazer Tag Cambridge House Rules House rules are strictly enforced.  All players must follow these house rules at all times. 


 Anyone that violates any of these rules will be removed without refund.1.No physical contact.  Players will not make any physical contact with other players or their equipment or engage in behaviors that could cause injury to another person.  Players may not position themselves so as to block or impede another player’s progress.2.No sitting.  Players may not sit or have any part of their body, other than their feet, on the floor.  Players will not squat, kneel, lie down or crouch.  Players may not climb on any wall or other part of the maze.3.Language.  Players will not use offensive, rude or intimidating language at any time.  All older players will be respectful of younger children that may also be participating.4.Equipment.  Players will use care when handling the laser tag equipment and gear.  Any damage to the equipment due to intentional misuse could result in you being responsible for the damages.5.Targets.  Players may not use any part of their body, hair, clothing, equipment or any other objects to cover their own targets, or targets of other players.  Players may not use their body or their equipment to obstruct a sensor.  6.Players with large jewellery or objects around their neck or head will be asked to remove them before playing.7.At the end of a game, all palyers will immediately stop play and promptly exit the laser tag arena at the designated exit.  All equipment must be promptly returned to the vesting area.8.All players will listen and abide by the decisions and instructions of the Marshall at all times.  Players that witness play or actions that violate any of these rules will promptly inform the Marshall.  The Marshall or any employee of Epic Lazer Tag has the right to remove a person from play for any reason.9.The laser tag play area is monitored on closed caption video surveillance.





Q. Can I just walk in and play?
Yes, come with friends or on your own. We’ll get you playing as quickly as we can.
Q. What is the minimum age required to play?
No age restriction is to play Lazer Tag or Balladium. As long as the kid can wear the vests he/she can play the games.
Q. What is the minimum group size required to reserve a party?
10 players is the minimum you must pay for.
Q. Can I have a party with less than 10 players?
Yes, if you have less than 10 players and want to have a party in one of our party rooms you would just have to pay for 10 players. If you don’t need the party room you can use our lounge area and come in with less than 10 players. With less than 10 players and no party room you would only be required to purchase any of our regular priced game packs.
Q. Can I reserve a party for 10+ players without the party room?
Yes, just pick one of our game packs and call 519-267-4000 to make your reservation or come into our location.
Q. Can I bring my own food?
Yes, bring your own cake, cutlery and food. Want a pizza? Order from our local supplier and get a great rate.
Q. I need to cancel my party or reschedule.
Unfortunately all party bookings are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule we require 14 days’ notice and you may reschedule ahead or back 7 days from your original reservation.
Q. How much of a deposit do I need to pay to reserve?
You will required to pay $50 deposit for Birthday parties and $100 for other packages.
Q. When do I need to arrive?
It’s best to arrive about 5 minutes before your reserved time. Encourage your friends not to be late.
Q. During a party, when do we play our games and eat food or cake?
If you have 2 games with your package, the first will be shortly after you arrive and the second game about 20 minutes before your visit with us ends. You should eat and serve pizza between these two games.